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Aug 4, 2014 9:20 PM by Lupita Murillo

UAMC missing a K-9 security dog

TUCSON - The search is on for a UA Medical Center team member and trusted K-9 named Shadow.

The black and tan long haired German shepherd and his handler got off shift Saturday morning, and got home around 3:00 am. When they arrived home, the handler fed the dog, and let Shadow in the backyard but couldn't find him later. It's believed someone got in the backyard and left the gate open.

"Shadow" was last seen in the area of Grant and Mountain around 5:30 Saturday morning.
"We are very worried about shadow," said Julie Kennedy Oehlart, the Vice President of Patient Services.

Also upset, brothers Hunter and Logan Spears. The 4 and 6 year olds have been searching for Shadow, with their father, Robert. Robert is the dog's handler. With the help of neighbors, they've put up flyers in hopes of finding him. Logan said, "Maybe someone else would find him and then keep him until we find that house."

Shadow has been a part of the boys lives for the last three years. He's also part of the nationally recognized UAMC's Security K-9 unit.

Logan said, "he's an important dog." Hunter added, "It's my dad's and he does teamwork with my dad."

Shadow is trained to do everything a police dog does, whether it's attacking on command, or just being loveable to the staff and patients. Robert Spears said he's devastated, "People don't understand how much time and how close you get to an animal especially your partner."

Shadow is one of 11 K-9's who work at UAMC's two campuses. They are often used in the emergency room and for public relations said Kennedy Oehlert, "At the same time they are keeping things calm in the emergency room, they can go visit a child who is having a bad day, and they can make someone's day." She's hoping someone will make their day by returning Shadow.

Hunter and Logan have a message, "I would say to shadow, please come home, I miss you."
If you have information on shadow's whereabouts call 520 694-6533 or 520 909-3393. There is a reward out for Shadow.


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