May 10, 2012 10:14 AM

UA students move out, give back to the community

TUCSON- As the school year wraps up this week, University of Arizona students are packing their bags and booking it from the dorms. But they're not checking out before giving back to the community.

News 4 Tucson caught up with soon to be UA Sophomore Christy Poropat, as she was packing up her dorm room.

"I have a lot of stuff," Poropat says.

But making the process a little easier, are the bins located on the dorm's main floor. Students can drop off everything from food, to clothing, to furniture.

"I kinda just had a pile of clothes that I don't wear and I just went downstairs and put it in the bin," said Poropat.

The donations go directly to The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, The Salvation Army and The Primavera Foundation.

Last year the students donated about 34 tons of items. This year the goal is to reach 40 tons. "We are trying to keep everything out of the landfills," UA Residence Hall Coordinator Jill Ramirez says.

The donation centers are located in 23 dorms across campus. Students can drop off items at any time, perfect for Poropat.

"I have a lamp that I don't need, so I'll probably also donate that if I can and maybe some sweatshirts."

Students can donate their items through Friday, May 11. Mattress pads and any items with glass will not be accepted.


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