Oct 4, 2012 12:20 AM by Rebecca Taylor

UA students hold debate watch party

TUCSON - Students on the University of Arizona campus held a debate block party.

It was broadcast on big screens, along University Boulevard.

The event, called Rad, White and Blue was put on by ASUA student government.

Wearing T-shirts with a message, their goal is voter registration and education.

Student Body President Katy Murray describes the shirts, "don't just watch, vote, 2012. It's a call to the youth. But also anyone else in the community, to say don't just sit there, make your voice heard and make it count."

With their eyes on the big screen, many hoping candidates will touch on issues related to education.

"It's mostly how much am I going to have to keep paying for college," says student Daniel Acosta, "I've heard things like the federal pell grant is going away, which I'm on, so if that went away, that's about $5,500 for me.

Student Hannah Rosen says, "to see how it's going to effect us, especially if they're a senior like me, how it will effect us going into the work field too. And I'm also Jewish so I'm looking forward to what they say about Israel as well."

Some students in attendance, already know who they're voting for in November.

Others will wait, watch and listen, relying on televised debates to sway their decision.

Rheanna Sorenson, a freshman says, "My views might go for one candidate, but with the debate I could vote for the other."

While the debate was the main draw, students also enjoyed a free concert afterwards.


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