Feb 7, 2012 6:47 AM

UA student designs website for splitting the bill with roommates

TUCSON - A business management major at the University of Arizona is taking his college education and putting it to good use. During his tenure, he's learned dealing with roommates can be difficult.

If you ask any student about figuring out finances and splitting bills, they'll tell you pretty much the same thing -- it's a pain. Now, one student is trying to make balancing the budget a little bit easier.

Matthew Garten is like any other college student who dreads the monthly burden of money collection.

"I currently live in a six bedroom house and I run all the finances whether it be paying for our TV or paying for the electric bill. It's always a problem collecting money from roommates and they are your friends and you don't want to create internal problems in your house all because of the bills."

Eventually, Z-Split will send reminders and notifications to roommates through either a phone or email that a bill is ready to view or a payment needs to be made.

"So there's no, 'Hey Matt, can I see the Direct TV bill for January, I don't think it was $150,' it alleviates that entire situation."

The business management major says he always has something on his mind, trying to fix the everyday problems people face.

"I'm always thinking of ideas and when I really like one it never leaves my head and I just decided maybe we should go off and actually try this and get some interest and that's what the website is for right now, see what type of gain or interest we can get on this topic."

So far more than 500 people have signed up.

Matthew hopes to launch by March and is in the process of hiring programmers and app designers.

For more information, go to www.zsplit.com


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