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Sep 7, 2010 1:30 PM

UA researchers predict second wave of swine flu; kids need to be ready

TUCSON - University of Arizona's researchers are predicting a second wave of the H1N1 virus to hit next month.

The kids at Saints Peter and Paul are educated in avoiding germs.

Microbiologist Kelly Reynolds says germs are everywhere, especially in the classroom, so keeping hands clean is vital.

Reynolds said, "Children tend to touch up to 300 surfaces every 30 minutes."

Some germ hot spots are table-tops, the back of chairs, keyboards, even faucet knobs.

Experts say if the child has a fever of 100 and over, they should stay home until they get better.

A good rule of thumb is 24 hours fever-free without medication, but of course it's best to avoid getting sick at all because you can't teach a kid that's not in the seat.

If you'd like to learn more about germs, go to


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