Nov 1, 2013 7:00 PM by John Overall

UA professor behind eye-tracking goggles

TUCSON - Hong Hua is working on developing eye tracking goggles that project high definition, computer generated, 3D images on what appears to be a 40 inch screen. It's like Google Glasses with a much larger monitor.

Hua, is an associate professor of optical sciences at the University of Arizona. She started her work nearly 20 years ago in Beijing, China. Hua says her eye tracking goggles allow the user to surf the web, send text messages, or do research while walking around the office. Even with the images projected before your eyes her goggles allow you to see everything around you at the same time. "That allows me to wear these and do my daily work and receive information that I want to access digitally," said Hua.

Her goggles also feature a tiny camera that tracks eye movement, allowing the user to type a message or access information just by blinking.

That feature could open up a whole new world for Parkinsons and ALS patients who have lost the use of their muscles and can no longer communicate. "They can wear this mask and lie down with the display right in front of them. With the gaze tracking so they can type in a message to their caregiver and tell what they need," Hua said.

Hua hopes to have her eye tracking goggles ready for the market within the next couple of years.


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