May 13, 2013 12:09 PM by Ryan Haarer

UA grads already pursuing a business venture

TUCSON - "Fittid" is the brain child of three U of A swim team members. When they weren't working on their turns and strokes, they were swimming in textbooks and what they learned has them hoping for big business.

"The milliseconds between first and second are such a crucial part of the success and failures that you can have within swimming. And we've lived that," said co-creator Craig Jordens.

That's how their idea came to be, a racing suit custom made for individual swimmers.

"We'll be using some standard tape measurements as well as a software system through a customer's web cam on their laptop or home computer or their iPad to size them," said, Jon Denton-Schneider.

No two swimmers are the same so the suits will vary in custom shoulder width; give an option for open or closed backs, and even different compressions, each measurement giving the swimmer an edge in the pool.

"Our plans are to really capitalize on how tight knit the swim community is through blogs, online presences and websites like that. You can really make a strong presence. Also, this goes for most sports but especially swimming, the highest validation for a product is can you put an elite level athlete in it?" said, the third swimmer, Kevin Munch.

For a suit to be used in competition these guys will have to get their racing suit approved by a swimming governing body. They plan to do that on July 1st. if they get the approval, they plan to launch "Fittid" officially in August.


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