Aug 26, 2013 10:59 AM by Ryan Haarer

UA kicks off year with Student Union upgrades

TUCSON - Some major upgrades are going to result in some happy students at the U of A. Not only will people on campus get some new food options, the way they can get their food is changing as well.

Inside the new Lowell-Stevens football facility is the Bear Down Kitchen. It's an all you can eat buffet serving lunch and dinner, perfect for athletes and students who need to make the most of every meal.

In the student union there will be more seating. A new Starbucks is going in at the Main Library but the way you get food has been updated to speed up the process during rush hours.

"Tapingo made this incredibly cool app. Basically, we are able to take all our menus, from say like IQ fresh right here, load it into the mobile app. It's a free service. They can download the app, pull it up on their phone and then we can literally order online, pay for it, even with the meal plan cards or credit card or paypal," said Todd Millay, assistant director for Arizona Student Unions.

Since it's all paid for all you have to do is pick it up, it's ready when you get there. No lines, and perfect for students on the go.

One last upgrade is the Arizona Room. If you have an hour or so to shut down and relax you can spend 12 bucks on what the campus calls white linen service. It's more of a fine dining experience where quite a few faculty members will spend their time.


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