Nov 12, 2013 8:31 PM by Erika Flores

Two of TPD's first female police officers visit department

TUCSON-An 89-year-old woman got a huge surprise: a visit to the Tucson Police Department.

Very exciting since Alice Maguire is one of TPD's first female officers.

She worked there in the 50's and hasn't been there in years.

"Oh my goodness." That was Maguire's reaction when she stepped into the department.

"Yes, a big surprise," she said.

She was greeted by Chief Roberto Villasenor. "You really were a pioneer both you and Joan," said Villasenor. "Allowing women to serve as patrol officers and the equality that that provides."

Female officers stood by.

"They paved the way for all of us even if they weren't on patrol. They started everything and it's an honor to be able to meet them," said Officer Angelica Ojeda.

Her dear friend, a former officer who worked with her in the 50's was also there. "This has all been a surprise. I wasn't prepared for it," said Maguire.

Maguire and Joan Robles were two of the first female officers at the Tucson Police Department.

"It was interesting and challenging," said Robles. "Men didn't like us using their car. They said it smelled of perfume," said Maguire.

But joking aside, "We fought some discrimination," said Maguire. "We worked mostly with women and children. The men after a while were wonderful because they protected us whenever we got into trouble."

Their pictures are displayed in the department's historical book.

Both Maguire and Robles were given a copy along with other souvenirs.

They were also given a tour of the police station.


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