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Jul 22, 2012 8:36 PM

Two girls call 9-1-1 claiming to be Isabel Celis leading police on search

TUCSON-A prank lands two girls in jail.

Tucson police said they called 9-1-1 pretending to be missing Isabel Celis.

The girl who called from a cell phone stated she had been kidnapped and hung up the phone.

Police traced the call to an apartment complex near Kolb and 22nd street.

Officers made contact with the girls, and they admitted to making the call,

Police said the Celis family was notified when they received that call bringing false hope to the family.

"I hope for that little girl to come back," said Candice Southerland who lives in the area.

Twenty-five police officers responded to the area of Manana Grande and Pierce to look for Isabel Celis.

"They did a walk in through all the houses in the neighborhood and down a couple blocks too," said Carlos Lopez who also lives in the area.

Police said every available unit in the city was called to the scene to help look for Isabel.

They canvassed the area from around 9 in the morning until the early afternoon.

"I'm glad TPD came out and did what they needed to do because if it was my child, I would never give up," said Southerland.

A phone call made by the two girls, claiming to be Isabel Celis, lead police to the area.

"Very hushed tones by the caller," said Lt. Lee Mcnitt with Tucson police.

The cell phone lead them to an apartment complex where they found the girls who said they had made the call as a prank.

"This is definitely not something you joke about," said Lt. Mcnitt.

Police said other calls for service went unanswered because of the immediacy of this case.

They said they are focused on finding Isabel.

"So it is very important that we are able to bring all of our assets in a positive manner versus wasting them following up on kids that were playing on the telephone," said Lt. Mcnitt.

Neighbors are disappointed that call turned out to be a prank, and worst of all, brought false hope to the Celis family.

"My heart goes out to those people and I hope that one day they do find their daughter," said Southerland.

The girls have been arrested for false reporting and were transported to Pima County Juvenile Court Center.

Police warn, they will investigate and prosecute any false reports made to 9-1-1.

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