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Dec 8, 2013 8:04 PM by Erika Flores

Two events to honor heroes

MARANA-The the day started out with a Freedom Salute in Marana where members of Marana-based Alpha and Bravo companies of the Arizona Army National Guard were honored.

"Just more of a celebration of coming home and glad you're back with your family," said Staff Sgt. John Carbary.

They were recognized for the sacrifices made.

"I'm feeling very proud of my son, and I'm feeling very proud of the troops that we have here," said Patricia Gorosave.

These families are happy they have their loved ones home for the holidays.

"There's no better feeling especially with another little addition in the family," said Staff Sgt. Carbary.

Then at the U of A there was the USS Arizona ceremony.

The U of A's Naval ROTC unit saluted USS Arizona survivors Lauren Bruner and Donald Stratton as the survivors reflected on the past.

"I was burned over 65 percent of my body and then we had to crawl across the line to the vessel that was tied alongside of us the repair ship probably about 45 feet in the air and 75 feet foot across. We had to go hand-over-hand over that to get to the safety of the vessel," said Stratton.

"Keep diligence so that this will not happen again what happened to us," said Bruner.

The eight Arizona residents entombed on the USS Arizona were also honored with a bell ringing at the ceremony.


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