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Aug 29, 2012 8:12 PM by Lupita Murillo

TUSD school on alert after strange incident involving 'nervous' man

TUCSON - An unusual incident at Bloom Elementary last week has school administrators on alert for stranger danger.

Last Friday, a man walked in and said he was inquiring about volunteering at the school next year, when his child would be a student there. The office manager explained Tucson Unified School District's policies about getting fingerprinted and going through a background check.

Norma Flores is the principal she says, "He seemed very nervous wouldn't give us eye contact wouldn't look at us, kept looking down."

The office manager says she also got an uncomfortable feeling . The principal went on to tell the man, "He needed to fill out the proper paperwork and until that happened he may not come onto my campus."

Flores escorted him out and made sure he left the school. She then went into the work room where they post pictures of sex offenders that Tucson police send the school. That's when she thought the man resembled one of the postings. She called school safety and 9-1-1. "My first concern is the students first, and I had to protect my students and I had to protect my school," she said.

Tucson police investigated but it turned out, it wasn't one of the sex offenders.

Flores says, "That doesn't mean we can let our guard down at all - we still have to make sure we still are taking the same precautionary measures."

Many parents are thanking the principal for what she did. Tammy Plank says, "Better safe than sorry, especially with a lot of weirdos out there."

School officials say Mrs. Flores and her staff did the right thing. They are urging others to be as cautious and vigilant.

The principal told News 4 Tucson that one of the school monitors who is also a parent says they saw that same man in the parking lot later on in the day.

A letter went out to parents when the incident happened. And today a second one went out giving them the latest information.


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