Jan 11, 2012 6:50 PM by Lorraine Rivera

TUSD's Pedicone says teachers won't lose jobs over Ethnic Studies

TUCSON - It was a busy Wednesday for the Tucson Unified School District after the school board voted 4 to 1 to stop teaching Mexican American Studies.

Much of the day was dedicated to ensuring the courses were not being taught and that the district remained in compliance with state law said Superintendent Dr. John Pedicone.

"Teachers will be getting together, as we've talked about with department chair persons looking at model syllabi, making decisions on lesson plans and getting support certainly early to do what they got to do," he explained.

The courses were offered to more than 700 students at the middle and high school levels and one course used as Chicano studies as a topic at the elementary level. Pedicone said principals are monitoring making sure the district abides by the law. According to the superintendent, "we basically said in the very beginning and I believe they they support this: that we've got to be sure we're sensitive to students at this point and their perceptions. And that's the number one one concern and the concern and the number one frustration."

Pedicone said the students won't lose any credits over the decision and teachers won't lose their jobs.


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