Jul 10, 2013 2:29 AM by Rebecca Taylor

TUSD's new Superintendant attends first board meeting

The first school board meeting for Dr. H.T. Sanchez was held Tuesday tonight.

He's the newly appointed Superintendant of Tucson's largest school district.

It may be summer break, but it was a packed meeting.

Dozens turned out to welcome Dr. Sanchez, others came to give him a piece of their mind.

During the call to the audience, community members, staff and parents touched on everything from teacher pay raises, to the future of magnet schools and Mexican American Studies.

A supporter of MAS classes said, "Dr. Sanchez some of the MAS teachers went to hear you at Catalina High School, and when you talk about MAS and said you shouldn't be indoctrinating students, that was like a knife in their hearts."

"I'm a bit of a historian on TUSD, I've been following it and documenting, I watch videos when I can't be here. So I'm going to be interested in seeing the color of your hair when you leave TUSD," said another audience member. "It's kind of funny, but I'm also being serious. I mean this is a place that Dr. Pedicone couldn't even handle, and he had to quit."

Also during the meeting, an audience member had to be escorted out for disruptive outbursts.

Security removed the man and meeting continued.


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