Apr 4, 2012 1:34 AM

TUSD's Daily Show segment being called 'irresponsible'

TUCSON - Ethnic Studies in Tucson is once again making headlines. This time on a national TV show, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Monday, a Daily Show reporter came to Tucson to interview those on both sides of the issue.

Some are calling what aired an embarassment.

The Daily Show airs on Comedy Central, but few are laughing at TUSD. Especially a board member, whose interview is now fodder for jokes.

Above: The complete Daily Show segment, courtesy of Comedy Central

The reporter, wearing glasses is Al Madrigal a Daily Show correspondent. He's with TUSD board member Michael Hicks a proponet of the ethinic studies ban.

In one clip Madrigal asked Hicks for evidence the classes promoted 'radical ideas'.

"I chose not to sit in on these classes, why even go, why even go? I base my thoughts on hearsay from others," explains Hicks.

Madrigal then pokes fun at Hicks' answer saying: "With powerful evidence like hearsay, the district had no choice but to end the Mexican American Studies program."

In another clip, Hicks seems to suggest teachers brainwashed students by feeding them burritos.

"They would every week, buy burritos and feed these kids. What this does is create a bond between the teacher and the students," said Hicks.

Also interviewed, Curtis Acosta a former TUSD mexican American Studies Teacher who refutes Hicks ideas.

As does TUSD board member Adelita Grijalva who late Tuesday described Hicks interview as irresponsible.

"You know when you google the Daily Show it says there, comedy show, not a real news show," says Grijalva.

Hicks has his own opinion regarding his Daily Show debut. He wouldn't go on camera, but late Tuesday hit the internet, commenting via Facebook. And he provided News 4 Tucson with this statement.

"With all due respect, the Daily Show is a money making satirical show. It is not a news show. They do not present the complete remarks of their guests.

They splice and dice footage to serve their need to entertain.

I went on this show to talk about the Mexican American Studies (MAS) classes. I was mislead by the 'reporter' and was told that they were interested in a real interview. It was nothing of the sort.

It is unfortunate that the Daily Show opted to amuse rather than inform.

And for the record, they spliced my comments in several areas during this segment. I can assure you that my statements were taken out of context. Many of my answers were altered to suit their needs.

What I find more troubling is that there are those who will believe that what they saw on the Daily Show is accurate and complete news. They will then most likely base their judgments on inaccurate information designed specifically to support the view of Daily Show producers.

Real children are being exploited, and the producers of the Daily Show chose to ignore that."

The Daily Show segment in its entirety runs five minutes and so far has had 140 thousand views.


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