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Nov 4, 2013 1:15 AM by Kristi Tedesco

TUSD discipline policy change blamed for classroom chaos

TUCSON - Kristi's Kids is hearing from several sources that there's chaos in the TUSD classrooms after a change to the discipline policy.

Changes to TUSD'S "Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities" makes it more difficult than ever for teachers and administrators to correct "problem behaviors" (e.g. general "acting out," bullying, campus fighting, etc.)

Sources (who don't want to be identified, because they fear they'll lose their jobs) tell Kristi's Kids, under the new guidelines, teachers have to document numerous offenses before they can report it to administrators. And then, one administrator says, they have to document numerous offenses too... before a single detention or suspension can be issued.

One teacher tells Kristi's Kids, teachers are being assaulted. Some of them, more than once.

TUSD school board member, Mark Stegeman tells Kristi's Kids, he's concerned about the new policy. He says, it's confusing. Unclear. He tells Kristi's Kids, "...a principal might say ‘ok. Can I call that assault? And if I call that assault, will someone else contest that and say no, that's hitting, tripping or pushing... and it doesn't rise to assault.'"

The Executive Director of Student Equity and Intervention for TUSD, Jim Fish, tells Kristi's Kids, there's just been a lack of training. He says, "We haven't done a good job of it, I must admit... of training all the principals."

The new policy is a mandate, but TUSD is planning a VOLUNTARY meeting for TUSD staff who are interested in learning more.
That meeting will be Tuesday, November 5th at the Morrow Education Center at 1010 E. 10th street... from 3:00-5:00 pm.

To see the new "Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities," click here


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