Aug 5, 2012 6:16 PM

Tucson's city salaries dwarf area's average pay

TUSCON, Ariz. (AP) - Want to earn a little more money? You might want to consider applying for a job with the city of Tucson or Pima County.

An Arizona Daily Star review of city salaries last year showed the 1,000th highest-paid employee earned $72,411.

That's $37,000 more than the average worker in Tucson.

Meanwhile, Pima County paid its 1,000th top earner $63,258, about $28,000 more than the average resident earns.

Compared to similar communities in the region, the analysis showed Tucson trends toward the high side in how much it pays its top workers.

And of the five municipalities reviewed, Tucson spent the most for fire and police.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild says if the analysis compared similar jobs in similar-sized cities, it would show employees aren't overpaid. He says the city employs a lot of senior staff and those with advanced degrees.


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