Apr 15, 2014 7:00 PM by Danielle Lerner

Tucson runners preparing to return to Boston Marathon

TUCSON- Dozens of Tucson runners took part in last year's Boston Marathon and many are now preparing to make the trip once again for this year's race.

Ginger Cross and Kathleen Stoehr were just seconds away from the finish when the bombs exploded. Both runners will head back east later this week with mixed emotions. However, above all, they plan to honor the survivors and prove how resilient the running community really is.

"If I were to step back and say I'm not going because I'm afraid, then they won," said Stoehr.

On Monday she will run her tenth consecutive Boston Marathon. This year she is more determined than ever to cross the finish.

"I just feel like I left a piece of my heart there last year and I don't know whether I'll ever reclaim it, or if that's where it's supposed to be, but I just know as a running community we are really strong," Stoehr said. "I can feel the anxiety already as it's getting closer, sort of welling up inside my heart, but I'm going to be okay."

Cross is not sure how she will feel Monday. Her first Boston Marathon came to a terrifying halt at Mile 26.13.

"I look up to my left and I see this huge fireball shooting up the side of a building," said Cross. "The second bomb, I felt the blast, it was louder than I could've imagined and at that point is when the chaos started."

Now one year later, both women hope to create new memories on the course. United in their quest to move forward one step at a time.

"Just to get out there and run as strong and as hard as I can each and every day," said Stoehr.

"This run is going to be about remembrance and healing," said Cross.

Cross has a blog detailing her experience last year, click here to read more.


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