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May 26, 2012 1:42 AM

Tucson remembers National Missing Children's Day

TUCSON - Families remembered National Missing Children's Day Friday.

President Ronald Reagan designated the holiday on May 25, 1983.

The nonprofit group Homicide Survivors put together a news conference to remember the occasion.

Tammy Tacho's brother, James Hendrickson, was last seen June 12, 1991.

"I live the hope and faith every day that he's going to come home," Tacho said. "Some may call me crazy."

Hendrickson was 12 when he went missing.

"It doesn't get easier," Tacho said. "I think it would get easier if we knew something."

Todd Blumhorst works for Homicide Survivors. His sister, Veronica, was last seen September 20, 1990. She was 21 year old.

"Wondering what she would have been like," Blumhorst said, "if she would have had kids. So it gets different. It doesn't get easier."

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor talked to the group at the news conference.

"I want to be able to knock on that door some night and to say that we found out what happened," Villasenor said, "and to try to alleviate some of the suffering of those families.


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