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Jul 24, 2012 10:00 AM

Tucson property owners who don't control weed growth will face fines

TUCSON- The monsoon may bring relief from the hot temperatures, but the rain also brings those unwanted weeds. If you don't trim them you could end up paying the city hundreds of dollars.

Everyday Tucson Code Enforcement Inspector Martin Romero travels around midtown inspecting the weed growth along residential and commercial properties. "During the monsoon the grass just tends to grow very quickly," Romero says.

If a weed is taller than six inches, it violates city code. Inspectors like Romero will give the property owner a notice, saying they have 30 days to get rid of their overgrown weeds.

If property owners don't take care of it in those 30 days, they will face a re-inspection fee of $75.

If they ignore three re-inspections, they could get a ticket for up to $2,500.

"It's a way to keep the neighborhood pretty, it's a way to keep the neighborhood healthy," Midtown Resident Janet Burkhart says.

Romero says it's also a way to keep the neighborhoods safe. "The weeds become a fire hazard and they can also can harbor rodents and insects," Romero says.

Everyday he writes up about 10 properties for violating the city's weed code.


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