Dec 10, 2013 7:40 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson launches pedestrian & bicycle safety campaign

TUCSON – A new campaign was launched to try and tackle the large number of accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists on Tucson roads.

It’s called “Tucson on Two” and it encourages Tucsonans to “Always Look Twice.”

This is all part of a city-wide initiative to focus on educating the public, enforcement of rules of the road and improve engineering components to help make Tucson safe.

Informing the public about safe practices is a key part of educating the public on sharing the roads – which includes plastering signage at bus stops and through the city.

The Tucson Police Department is also considering stepping up enforcement which plans to conduct stings at problem intersections.

“What we’d like to have folks be aware of is when they’re out – especially at night if they’re a pedestrian or a cyclist – be aware of your surroundings,” said TPD Lt. Rich Anemone. “Wear clothing that motorists can see, don’t go out at night wearing dark clothing, it’s very hard for folks to see you when you’re crossing the roadway.”


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