May 16, 2013 2:16 PM by Ryan Haarer

Tucson grocers adapting to plastic bag law

Remember that plastic bag ordinance the city council passed in March?

It's in full effect now, and grocery stores are now supposed to keep track of how many bags are used.

It's all to raise awareness about the bags' impact on the environment.

This ordinance passed unanimously in March despite cries by some in the community to be a waste of time.

Councilman Paul Cunnignham says it doesn't burden businesses and taxpayers and does nothing more than create an environmentally friendly atmosphere...

At Food City, this is nothing new. The store recycles plastic everyday.

They estimate 57,000 pounds of recycled plastic come out of the store every six weeks. It's exactly what Councilman Cunningham wants to see out of the new ordinance.

"Other cities are doing their part, some cities have gone as far as to banning plastic bags. I thought we could be a little bit more aggressive in lowering them. I didn't want to be invasive to business, I didn't want to completely affect the consumer, but I thought we could be a little bit more aggressive," Cunningham said.


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