Oct 10, 2012 1:09 PM

Tucson Fire provides plenty of tips for Fire Prevention Week

TUCSON - This week is national Fire Prevention Week, and this year's theme is: "Have 2 Ways Out."

"In the event of a fire, every second counts," Tucson Fire officials stated in a news release. "The more prepared you and your family are for such an event, the better chance that you will survive."

Below is a list of important precautions from Tucson Fire:
-Prepare and practice your fire escape plan twice a year. Practice with everyone in your household, including children and people with disabilities

-Security Bars Require Special Precautions. Security bars and windows must have quick release devices to allow them to be opened immediately in an emergency. Everyone in the family must be familiar with how to operate and open the security bars and windows.

-Immediately Leave the Home. When a fire occurs, get out fast. Take the safest exit route, but if you must escape through smoke, remember to crawl low, under the smoke and keep your mouth covered.

-Never Open Doors that are Hot to the Touch. Feel the doorknob and door to make sure that fire is not on the other side.

-Designate a Meeting Place Outside and Take Attendance. Meet at a location that is a safe distance from the front of your home. This will ensure no one will be hurt looking for someone who is already safe.

-Once Out, Stay Out. Never go back into a burning building for any reason. If someone is missing, or pets are trapped inside your home, tell the firefighters right away. They have the equipment and training to perform rescues safely.

TFD officials also provided several links to checklists, tip sheets and flyers for families to download and look over together:



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