Jan 20, 2012 7:37 AM

Tucson family 'Changing Minds' about Down syndrome

TUCSON - There's a cutting edge treatment available for children and adults with Down syndrome and a local family is ready to share their success with others, right here in Tucson.

The family is hosting the event Saturday, January 21, in hopes of helping other families who may have lost hope. It's all about "Changing Minds," a protocol they use to treat their son.

Gregory is a typical one-year old, who loves to play and interact. His cognition skills are exceptional, which is unfortunately not the case for all children with down syndrome.

"He just is very bright, very alert, he knows what's going on," says his mom, Christine De Silva.

The De Silva's say, it's a sign the protocol is working. The non-profit organization "Changing Minds" hopes to spread awareness and foster respect for people with down syndrome, but the main focus is helping those with it.

"The treatment is to change these guys little minds. Treat their brain, treat the biochemistry and help improve their speech and learning," says father, Dr. Greg De Silva M.D.

Everyday Gregory is given a round of medications to help balance the neurotransmitters in his brain. He takes ginkgo biloba, Prozac, essential fatty acids, oils and vitamins.

"He's used to it and he does really well with it. We have little tricks that we use to get him to take everything, so he's a trooper. He does really well with it," says Christine.

So, if it's working so well, why aren't more people with Down syndrome using it?

"I think pediatricians have so much to know that it really takes these warrior moms to learn about the new information in Down syndrome," says Greg.

"I just keep pushing because he's worth it. He's just an amazing child and I can't imagine my life without him and I'm just going to push and push," says Christine.

The De Silva's say they stumbled upon this protocol through persistence and searching on Google.

For more information on "Changing Minds" and the seminar, go here: http://www.changingmindsfoundation.org


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