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Aug 3, 2012 1:19 AM

Tucson executive fired for video critical of Chick-Fil-A

TUCSON - A Tucson businessman was fired from his job Thursday after posting a video online of himself in a Chick-Fil-A drive though where he voiced his disgust of the company's CEO and his anti-gay marriage remarks.

Adam Smith was Chief Financial Officer of Vante, a Tucson medical manufacturing company before he was let go today following the viral fallout of the video.

The video lasts a few minutes where Smith orders a free water through the drive-though and continues to tell his opinion on the company. The video was shot on the national Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day where supporters of the CEO and his stance on traditional marriage.

"You know why I'm getting a free water right now?" Smith asks the Chick-fil-A employee in the video. "Because Chick-fil-A is a hateful group."

Later he adds in the video: "I don't know how you live with yourself and work here. I don't understand it."

Vante's CEO Roger Vogel was quick distance himself and his company with Smith because "the social media aspect of this has created a very fast viral response."

Vogel inists that Vante has a diverse workforce with a diverse range of opinions surrounding the Chick-fil-A controversy.

"We do not expect our executives to behave that way," Vogel said. "We expect them to be professional and civil."

Smith previously taught as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona but does not currently hold a position with university.


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