Decision 2012

Aug 27, 2012 9:20 PM by John Overall

Tucson delegates travel to Florida for RNC Convention

TUCSON - Arizona has 29 delegates and 28 alternates in Florida for the Republican National Convention. News 4 Tucson caught up with three local delegates on their way out of town.

All three knew tropical storm Isaac would impact some of the scheduled events, but they say a little stormy weather would never water down their enthusiasm. Donna Alu is participating in her second Republican National Convention. She says she's not worried about the weather - she's more concerned with her party's primary mission. "It's just exciting and I hope that we get a new president and that we can make America prosperous again," said Alu.

Lauren Blevins packed her team colors for her first convention, a red and white "Mitt Romney for President" t-shirt. Blevins is an alternate who believes conventions are still important, even though the outcome is already determined. "It just puts you really in touch with what's happening in our country," Blevins said.

Parralee Schneider agrees. This is her second convention. Schneider believes this event will give American voters a fresh look at the Grand Old Party. She thinks the convention will bring "a newer, perhaps slightly younger, face and a dynamic that we haven't seen in awhile," Schneider said.

Like the others, Schneider is keeping an eye on the weather and says she's ready for Issac's wet welcome. "I packed a couple of ponchos from Target, you can get them for under a dollar, so I've got four ponchos in my bag," Schneider said with a smile.


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