Jul 26, 2012 4:11 PM

Tucson couple 'desserted' by American Airlines

TUCSON - In June, Jay and Diana Caldwell flew first-class round trip to New York. For most of the trip, it was everything the Tucson couple expected: a comfortable ride with all the trimmings. But the first class meal on the final leg of their journey left them feeling "desserted" by American Airlines.

"The meal was superb," Jay Caldwell said, "we had used 130,000 frequent flyer miles, and I had this dessert and i thought I had broken a tooth, but i knew it couldn't be because it was ice cream and I realized it was a piece of glass the size of a fingernail". Twenty minutes later, when his wife started to eat the same dessert she made the same disturbing discovery.

"I thought since he had gotten one I was home free, I couldn't believe i had a long sliver in mine," she said.

While they say the flight attendant was sympathetic, she merely offered them more ice cream. And according to the Caldwells, no member of the on board staff made any attempt to check on the other desserts they had served other passengers. "The flight attendant seemed upset and clearly it wasn't their fault," Jay Caldwell said, "beyond not responding appropriately".

Back home, the Caldwells contacted American Airlines corporate headquarters. They were hoping to get back the miles they used or at least some compensation. After three calls they received an odd email with numerous misspellings and an offer to give them 15,000 frequent flyer miles. Since then, attempts to reach other representatives and even the CEO have been futile. "It concerns me on how airlines are functioning now and how things are being handled," said Diana Caldwell, "I think there is a much bigger picture here".

A spokesperson for American Airlines did contact News 4 Tucson to say that at this point there is no plan to further compensate the Caldwells, and that the airline has taken appropriate steps to ensure an incident like this doesn't happen again on another airplane.


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