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Jun 21, 2012 10:50 AM

Tucson brewery helps feed horses with recycled grain

TUCSON- Beer and horses don't normally go together, except maybe at a horse race. But a Tucson brewery is changing that by helping save horses in Southern Arizona.

Nimbus Brewery makes more than 7,000 barrels of beer every year. The product though is no longer just a savory spirit, thanks to one of its main ingredients, malted barley.

"We were going to compost it, but there was such a demand for our product, it just seemed like a better thing to do to feed the animals," Nimbus Owner James Counts says.

Instead of selling the compost, Nimbus donates the recycled grain to a horse rescue operation in Hereford, "Horse'n Around". "We just think it's a much better cause to help the starving horses, than it is to sell our grain off," Counts says.

Nimbus donates about 60,000 pounds of grain to Horse'n Around each month. Horse'n Around Co-Founder Steve Boice estimates the donation saves him about $175,000 per year. But there's another benefit. "It helps their nutritional process, it helps their digestive system, there's a bunch of micronutrients they pick up from the grain that's pretty much natural," Boice says.

Since Horse'n Around was created it has saved about 50 horses. It's an accomplishment that might not be possible if not for the good ole taste of beer.

Horse'n Around is always looking for help. You can check out the website

You can also call Steve Boice at 520-907-8765, or email him at horsenaroundrescue


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