Oct 22, 2012 9:33 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson boy speaks of rescue from mountainside

TUCSON - A 9-year-old Tucson boy is sharing his scary experience after hiking near Gate's Pass yesterday.

Akio Jay Evans was hiking with his grandmother yesterday when a boulder fell on his leg.

"I found a tortoise and I tried to give it some water ...and I put my hand on the rock to lean down and give it some," Akio told News 4 Tucson. "And the boulder fell on my leg."

Akio said it hurt so much it was impossible for him to walk down the mountain himself. His grandmother didn't have a cell phone so it took some time for rescuers to get to the scene. A helicopter was called in to air lift him off the mountainside.

"I was scared to go underneath the helicopter because I was afraid the rope might break or something," Akio said.

Luckily, Aki's injuries aren't too serious, aside form some bruises and scrapes.

"It hurts pretty bad but not as much as it did when it first happened,"Akio said.

His parents are just grateful that it did not turn for the worse.

"Thank God that he did not have any broken bones or fractures, and thankfully he's okay because it could have been a very bad situation," said Rachel Heath, Akio's mother.

Akio will have to stay on cruches for a while but he said he can't wait to hit the trails again as soon as he is better. He said he learned a lesson from this experience--that is, to make sure to take a cell phone from now on.


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