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Aug 9, 2010 6:42 PM

Tucson blazes trail for electric cars

TUCSON - Tucson is blazing the trail for electric cars. More charging stations will be installed through out the city and you can help determine where those stations will be located.

Currently we have three. By next July, over 200 will be installed. This could mean Tucson will lead the nation towards energy independence.

"And this is the way we need to be going to get off that oil that causes so much problem. We don't need oil slick, baby, oil slick."

Jerry Asher, also known as"EVJerry", likes charging at Bookman's on Grant and Campbell for no charge.

He's driven his modified Toyota Prius all over the country hitting the capitals in 48 states.

"I can get over 101 miles per gallon if I charge and recharge."

Tucson is one of a few launch cities for the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

"We are blazing a trail here."

Colleen Crowninshield is the Clean Cities Program Manager. She's mapping out where all new charging stations will go.

"We are trying to hit every area of Tucson. North, west, south and east."

The University will have up to five. They're working on installing them at malls, the zoo and airport. Any place where you'll be spending about 2 hours. And Crowninshield wants your input.

The charger at Bookman's was just updated with the new universal charging system. It's the first one in Arizona.

In the near future, any charging system will be able to charge any electric vehicle. Adaptors and retro fits will be available for cars built before this mandate.

"The ease that you know you have with a gasoline vehicle, that same ease will be applied to an all electric vehicle," says Crowninshield.

Drivers like Jerry Asher are excited about the progress.

"I'm happy to see charging stations. I'm happy to see electric vehicles."

Send your suggestions for locations to Colleen Crowninshield via email.


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