Jul 7, 2013 8:26 PM by Erika Flores

Tucson-area firefighters mentally prepare for fallen firefighters' memorial

TUCSON-Some local firefighters are making plans to head to Prescott Valley to honor the fallen firefighters.

The firefighters going to the memorial service said they're preparing for an emotional journey.

"It is heavily charged with emotion," said Capt. Andy Trujillo with Tucson Fire department.

Captain Trujillo is in the Tucson Fire Honor Guard and has been to many memorial services.

"Accompanying some of the brothers or standing at attention throughout the memorial," said Trujillo.

But none like this.

"This particular one it hits home. It's right in our backyard," said Trujillo.

He has to mentally prepare himself for Tuesday.

"For me this one is actually going to be the one that's most emotional that I'm going to participate in," said Trujillo.

Firefighters from several Tucson area fire departments are getting ready for the trip to Prescott Valley for the memorial not just to participate in honor guard, but many are volunteering to just be present and show their support.

"This profession is all about family, and for us to be there for each other," said Chris Conger, vice president of Tucson Firefighters Association. "This is an awful time for our large family, and we want to be there for the people who lost their brothers and sisters. We want to be there for the families to show support however we can."

They volunteer to show their support because the death of the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots hasn't just affected the firefighter community but the nation as a whole.

"The impact is just on and on and on," said Trujillo.

The honor guard will head out on Monday and the rest of the firefighters going on a charter bus will leave Tuesday morning.


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