Feb 13, 2011 11:22 PM

Traveling to find your soulmate

TUCSON - Monday is Valentines Day and love is in the air! But not everyone can find true love.

Single men and women search for their soul mates in bars, in cyberspace and through local singles clubs.

But many still come up empty.

The owner of an Arizona based company says many of those people are slightly nearsighted. He says they should be searching the globe if they want to find true love. John Adams is one of three co-founders of "A Foreign Affair" in Phoenix.

He and his partners are extremely successful playing cupid. For the past 16 years they've been helping American men find love in foreign countries.

It's a business some American women don't like, "Sometimes I get, oh, don't do that there's so many women looking for men here." Adams said.

There may be plenty of single women in America but the men who sign up for "A Foreign Affair" can't seem to find the right women here at home.

"There's wonderful women here you know, but everybody needs to find the right person, so you need to search where ever you to need to search." Said Adams.

That's why "A Foreign Affair" now has 16 offices around the globe. Single men line up to travel the world, hoping to meet Mrs. Right. Adams says there are a lot of misconceptions about his business. Some believe the foreign women are just gold-diggers, or they're just looking for a one way ticket to America. Other think his male customers are players looking to take an exotic vacation and score with gorgeous strangers. "It's definitely not a sex tour, we've had guys who thought they would just play, but the women talk to each other and the women really want to meet the right person, so they get shut down pretty quick." Adams said.

He claims his clients who get married actually enjoy a better success rate than those who meet in a more traditional way. Adams says these men are just taking advantage of a new global opportunity that didn't exist in the past. He also says the women who marry these men shouldn't be called, "Mail order Brides." "That stinking term, mail order bride, if you ask any of these women if they're a mail order bride they're going to look at you cross eyed and say I didn't come here in a box, I flew first class."

Adams isn't only the owner of this company he's a walking success story. Adams found his soul mate while helping others find theirs. He and his Russian bride will celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss on February 18th. In fact his two partners also married Russian women. Adams Russian bride, Tanya says it's time people understood love can be found anywhere and women are the same everywhere, "It's just geography, we live in different places, but we have the same desires, the same souls, the same hearts and eyes, and we love the same way."

If you'd like to learn more about "A Foreign Affair" go to www. loveme.com


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