Mar 22, 2011 7:21 PM

Trace radiation found in AZ, no health risk posed

PHOENIX - While trace amounts of radioactive material associated with releases from the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant have been detected in Arizona, The Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency says the increase is insignificant and poses no health threat.

"The average background radiation can range from 100-300 millirems per year," according to Aubrey Godwin, Director of the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency. "The amount of additional radiation we are seeing in Arizona is less than 0.1 millirem. Such low concentrations of Iodine-131 do not pose a public health threat to Arizonans."

The ARRA expected this increase in detectable radiation, due to the highly sensitive monitoring equipment used. The Arizona Department of Health Services says that precautionary ingestion of potassium iodide to counteract any effects of potential radiation in Arizona is not necessary, and could result in negative side effects, including allergic reactions, abnormal heart rhythms and nausea.

All readings from the ARRA equipment will be shared with the public via the Arizona Emergency Information Network, until the effects of the nuclear emergency in Japan dissipate.

You can view the monitoring equipment's readings here:


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