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Feb 25, 2014 12:11 AM by Lupita Murillo

TPD's internet sex crimes unit takes down accused online predators

TUCSON - A man in his 30s is arrested for sending inappropriate pictures to an underage girl. It turns out Roy Combs was really chatting online with a detective from the Internet Crimes Against Children's Unit.

Our cameras were rolling as Roy Combs was taken down by U.S. Marshals. For the last month and a half he was texting who he thought was an underage girl on a social media website. Detective Dan Barry says, "He immediately asked if the person he thought he was speaking to wanted to see his genitalia."

They discussed age:

Combs: Do you mind I'm 30
Underage girl: Not all older guys are hot.
Combs: Younger girls are hot.

Detective Barry says he received many explicit pictures. The message that always followed from
Combs--- You have to delete it after you see it and not tell anyone.

After numerous conversations they agreed to meet in midtown.

The detective keeps the officers posted. They are briefed and a plan is in place to grab Combs.

Combs texts he's going to be wearing black jean shorts and a faded black shirt.

Det. Barry says Combs has one thing in mind, "He's already mentioned sex, he wants to have sex with this girl and he mentioned it numerous times and he sent numerous pictures. He's got one thing on his mind and that's what he's going to show up to do. "

Combs didn't get the chance, after he was arrested he was taken into the ICAC command post and questioned.

According to court documents, Combs admitted to investigators he had sent explicit pictures to the underage girl of his penis. He also told them that after meeting they would have sex.

Roy Combs was booked into the Pima County Jail and booked on charges of aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation and attempted sexual contact with a minor. If you have a story for Crime Trackers email: crimetrackers at


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