Aug 26, 2013 2:24 PM by Faye DeHoff

TPD officers administer CPR, help save toddler from drowning

TUCSON - CPR efforts by Tucson Police Department officers are successful in saving a toddler Friday night who fell into a water feature at an eastside miniature golf complex.

Just after 10:30 on August 23, a TPD officer, who was working in an off- duty capacity at the Golf N' Stuff at 6503 East Tanque Verde Road, requested additional units to help locate a missing toddler.

The family noticed the 23-month old girl missing just as they were finishing a game of miniature golf and immediately notified the staff of Golf N' Stuff, who then notifified the off-duty officer.

Since the family was near a water feature at the western end of the course, the family believed she may have fallen into the water. A man who was playing on the course nearby, heard the family yelling for help and immediately began searching for her as well. The man saw the toddler in the water feature and quickly jumped in to pull her out. He attempted CPR as she was not breathing. However, he was not
trained in performing CPR and was unsuccessful. Thankfully, all officers with the Tucson Police Department receive training related to basic emergency medical life saving measures, including CPR.

Officer Billy Daniel, a 26 and a half year veteran, and Officer Jeremy Hall, a one year veteran and former EMT, were successfully able to administer CPR. By the time emergency medical personnel from the Tucson Fire Department arrived, the child was breathing once again.

She was taken to a local hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment. Her condition at the time was critical. Today, her condition
has improved greatly, and medical personnel at the hospital believe that she is very likely to survive.

While it was an unfortunate accident, we are thankful to the family for quickly notifying authorities and to the citizen, who initially located the little girl and pulled her out of the water. We are especially proud of our officers for immediately recognizing the need for CPR and administering it appropriately, successfully reviving the child and increasing the likelihood of her surviving the incident.


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