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Jun 14, 2013 1:18 PM by Faye DeHoff

TPD makes arrest in nearly 13-year-old sexual assault case

TUCSON - A 45-year-old Tucson man has been arrested in connection with a sexual assault that happened nearly 13 years ago.

Tucson Police say Ramon G. Trujillo has been arrested for the sexual assault that took place August 26th, 2000. Police say at around 10:30 that night, a female was walking in the area of South 6th Avenue and Interstate 10. The victim heard someone coming up from behind her and was then knocked to the ground. The suspect held her to the ground, told her to be quiet and sexually assaulted her. In addition to the sexual assault, the victim suffered minor injuries from being knocked to the ground.

After the sexual assault, the suspect ran from the scene, and the victim called 911 to report the attack.

Detectives from the Adult Sexual Assault Unit responded to investigate.
During the course of the investigation, the victim was taken to a local
hospital where a forensic medical exam was conducted and a sexual assault kit was collected. The analysis of the kit revealed the presence of an unknown male DNA profile. The DNA profile was uploaded into the CODIS database.
However, no match was located at that time. On June 9, 2005, the Tucson Police Department was notified that the same male DNA profile had been associated to a sexual assault case from Phoenix, but the source of the DNA
remained unidentified.

On April 11th of this year, the Tucson Police Department was notified that the source of the DNA profile had been identified through a match in the CODIS database. The case was re-opened and assigned to a detective for follow-up investigation.

The victim in the case was located and re-interviewed. Her statement of the circumstances surrounding the sexual assault incident remained consistent, as she reaffirmed that she did not know her attacker, that she had been attacked from behind, and that she had never gotten a good look at the attacker. She confirmed that she had provided as much information as she could.

On June 12th, Mr. Trujillo was located in Tucson. He was taken into custody and interviewed by detectives. Mr. Trujillo was ultimately arrested for 1 count of Sexual Assault, a Class 2 felony. He was transported and booked into the Pima County Jail.


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