Apr 5, 2014 12:31 AM by Sam Salzwedel

TPD hopes to improve crowd control tactics

TUCSON - A Tucson Police Commander will visit each city that has a basketball team playing in the Final Four.

Tucson Police arrested 15 students after the University of Arizona lost its Elite 8 game against the University of Wisconsin.

Police are aware of criticism they have faced since that night.

"They could have acted after there was a riot," Solomon Figueroa said, "before already camping out waiting for one to happen and invoking one to happen."

"The riot police should not have been set up before anything ever happened," Geoff Hilt said.

TPD Chief Roberto Villasenor and members of his staff made the decision Tuesday, 3 days after the Wildcats' loss.

Jonathan Graham was managing Frog and Firkin, a bar next to the main crowd last Saturday.

"The police did an excellent job," Graham said. "They were out in full force and that really, absolutely, on a night like that, needed to be. It was important."

TPD is investigating its actions from that night. They have not admitted doing anything wrong at this time, but hope visiting other cities will make them better for next time.

"They should just learn how to be better police for Tucson," Figueroa said, "rather than comparing us to another school."

"I don't know that there really is anything you can get out of it," Graham said. "Can anybody really be prepared for what's going to happen more than they were?"

The commanders will return after the NCAA tournament is over.


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