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Dec 2, 2009 8:09 PM

Tornado sighting in Southern Arizona confirmed

Dust devils are a familiar sight in Arizona, but a tornado?

News 4 meteorologist Jimmy Stewart says they are rare but they do happen here in Southern Arizona. Such was the case on Sunday north of Douglas and south of McNeal. Officials for the National Weather Service have determined that a funnel cloud was in fact a tornado and not a dust devil. It received tornado status when the funnel touched the ground disturbing debris.

The National Weather Service used photos to determine it was a tornado. It was a cold air tornado. Jimmy says this type of tornado usually does not touch down and is generally much weaker than the tornadoes you would see in the Plains states. He added Arizona usually sees about 4 tornadoes per year.

No damage was caused and no injuries were reported.

(This image is not the actual Tornado)


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