Apr 23, 2013 1:59 PM by Ryan Haarer

Tips to keep your pooch cool this summer

TUCSON - Gerard Raneri, a dog behavioral therapist, sees owners make some serious flaws when it comes to dealing with the heat. He offers these tips to keep Fido cool despite triple digits:

-NEVER leave your dog alone in the car

-Pay attention to how your dog responds to the heat. Signs of overheating include excessive panting, inability to calm down, or stopping activity completely

-Monsoon can be a difficult season. Turn on your radio to dull some of the thunder noise

-Teach your dog how to get out of the pool safely
Gerard says to remember dogs do not sweat the same way humans do.

"They sweat by panting and through their paws, are the two places they cool down from. So if they are breathing in hot air they can't cool down so it is important to get them inside so they can get cool air into them," said Raneri.

Keep that water bowl full this summer and take advantage of early morning and late night hours.
For more information from Gerard visit www.dogtrainingtucsonaz.com.


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