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Apr 27, 2012 9:06 PM

TImeline into Isabel Celis' disappearance

TUCSON-It's been almost a week since little Isabel's disappearance, but police continue to follow up on over 300 leads they've accumulated from several sources from family, friends, neighbors, businesses, even people claiming to be psychics.

The nightmare started Saturday morning, April 21, when six-year-old Isabel Celis' family realized she was not in her bedroom.

"We're all really surprised and shocked that anything like this could even happen to our family," said Isabel's uncle Justin Mastomarino.

Police were called at 8:14 a.m.

"We have bloodhounds that are checking the area as well to pick up the scent of the little girl," said Sgt. Maria Hawke with Tucson police.

Police canvassed the area within a three mile radius of Isabel's home on the 56 hundred block of East 12th street.

Police called the event a suspicious disappearance or possible abduction and said they were not ruling anyone out.

Family and friends quickly printed out flyers to spread the word that little Isabel went missing.

On day two, as the search efforts continued, police chief Roberto Villasenor held a news conference to discuss the latest.

He said parents were cooperating with police and registered sex offenders were being interviewed but still no one suspect.

Canines from the FBI in Virginia were flown in to aid in the search.

Day three, police continued their serach of the Los Reales landfill for any evidence.

By day 4, the search phase started winding down, so that police could regroup and investigate over 200 leads.

On day 5, Isabel's parents made an emotional statement.

"We are looking for you Isa. We love you and we miss you sooo much and we will never give we will never give up looking for you," said Sergio Celis, Isabel's father.

By day 6, police focused their search on parks and bodies of water to look for evidence.

"To make sure that we do a comprehensive search and nothing is left out," said Lt. Fabian Pacheco with Tucson police.

On day 7, police are looking for potential witnesses to come forward, and they ask for any video from the baseball game where Isabel was present that Friday the night before she vanished.

After 7 days, police said they have a tremendous amount of information that they are going through and although they cannot go into detail, they said they feel they have made progress compared to the first few days of the investigation.

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