May 11, 2012 8:47 PM

Time magazine cover controversial

TUCSON - The cover and article in Time magazine is the talk today. The cover is a mother breast feeding her three year old son.

It's a form of child-rearing called Attachment Parenting. A belief that sensitive and emotionally-available parenting helps children with their development and well-being. This includes co-sleeping, homeschooling, and breastfeeding past the first year.

Mary Wachira is a member of "La Leche league of Tucson" a support group that encourages women to breast feed. Some like her continue well after the first year. Caden is her four year old son, he's into playing video games on his mother's cell phone, and he will tell you he likes "nursing" but only at home, not in the park. Wachira says, "It's great for bonding and attachment it helps them become more secure about the world around them. Because the world is kind of scary and knowing they have that safe place to go back to is part of what breastfeeding is about. It's not just about nutrition."

However not every mother feels that way. After showing the cover of Time and explaining about attachment parenting Connie Curry, a mother of two says she breast fed her daughter until she was eight months old, and that was enough bonding. Tiffinie Banghart also a mother of two says, " I think it's kind of inappropriate I think there's other ways you can bond with your kid at that age." Brenda Carbajal a mother of two daughters says, "I find it a little disturbing I think that at that age they're going to be thinking it's ok to do that and society tells you otherwise."

Another woman told News 4, she supports the magazine's cover and the practice of breast feeding children well past their infancy.


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