Apr 29, 2011 12:03 PM

The Icebreak Sweepstakes is back!

TUCSON - News 4 is proud to re-introduce the Icebreak Sweepstakes!

Longtime Tucson residents know that every year, when we first hit 100 degree Fahrenheit, the proverbial ice on the Santa Cruz River finally breaks.

For 22 years, until May 2006, News 4 Tucson ran the annual "Icebreak Sweepstakes," where Tucson residents would guess the exact day and time that the temperature gauge at Tucson International Airport reached 100 degrees.

This year, we've brought the Icebreak Sweepstakes back, and the person who correctly guesses when the ice breaks will win an Apple iPad!

Click here to enter the Icebreak Sweepstakes!

Also, click here to check out when the ice has broken in previous years, thanks to the National Weather Service.


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