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May 24, 2011 8:00 PM

Family of Christina-Taylor Green presented with an award

TUCSON - A crystal cornea award was presented the Eye Bank Association of America to the Christina-Taylor Green Foundation and her family for the donation of her corneas.

Roxanna Green, Christina's mom, says the award is something she didn't expect.

Green said, "I don't have my daughter with me any more so it's kind of bitter sweet thing."

The award is in the shape of a cornea and now with Christina's gift, her recipients can see the world.

Patricia Aken O'niell is the President of EBBA and says she knew right away who the award should go to.

Aken-O'neill said, "It was such a recognizable sacrifice event, and we wanted to recognize the generosity of Christina's parents.

The award resembles the importance of donating cornea's, and Christina's mom hopes it will encourage others to do so.

Green said, "I want more people to be aware that they can help so many people out if they would just be organ donors."

The award has only been handed out eight times in the last 20 years, including this one.


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