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Nov 5, 2010 7:49 PM

Teen with rare disease needs your help

TUCSON - At the age of 16, Jazmyn Creason was diagnosed with a genetic, lifelong disease. A painful condition called Carolis, which that leaves cysts and lesions on her liver. At this point, Jazmyn's goal is to avoid organ transplants.

To get the proper treatment, Jazmyn bounces between hospitals and states: Diamond Children's Medical Center in Tucson and a hospital in Denver. The medical and transportation costs are extreme.

Jazmyn's family is still surprised this is happening. Less than a year ago, she was the picture of health. Then, Jazmyn says, "I had pain in my lower stomach and back. I was very nauseous and throwing up. I had fevers and, as time went by, it was getting worse. My pain levels would go higher."

Jazmyn's mother, Lysa, tells Kristi's Kids, "It's one in a million that a child would have this. It usually affects adults, in their 30s or 40s or older. My understanding is, if they say you have Carolis disease? Pretty much, after that, you're gonna need a liver transplant."

Doctors have removed half of Jazmyn's liver, a bile duct and her gall bladder. She's had at least 8-infections, and now her kidneys are involved.

Dr. Khalid Khan, a UA Gastroenterologist, says, "We're hoping, in the long term, the kidneys will be fine but, like most conditions, it's only when you look back that you can say what was a problem and what wasn't a major problem."

Now 17 years old, Jazmyn wants what most kids her age take for granted. "Being able to go to school."

In time, perhaps. There is no cure for Carolis.

If you'd like to make a donation, to the Jazmyn Creason fund go to any Wells Fargo Bank. The acct # 6708234890.

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