Oct 10, 2013 9:15 PM by Erika Flores

Teen charged after sending naked pictures to 13-year-old boy

TUCSON - A 13-year-old girl reportedly sent a nude picture of herself via text. A 13-year-old boy received it, and now the girl is facing charges.

She's charged with the "unlawful use of an electronic communication device by a minor."

The two teens were called into the assistant principals office at Flowing Wells Junior High School in August where the teenage girl told a sheriff deputy she sent three pictures to the 13-year-old boy.

According to the search warrant she told the deputy two of the pictures were of her nude and semi nude.

When the deputy interviewed the teen boy, the boy said they were a couple and the girl asked him if he liked girls in bikinis.

He told the deputy he said yes and that's when the girl sent him a picture of herself in a bikini, a picture of her with a bikini top but no bottom, and then a fully nude picture of herself.

The girl's cell phone was confiscated as evidence and a judge granted the sheriff's office a search warrant this month to look into the contents of the girl's phone.

17-year-old Alondra Diaz said this isn't the first time she's heard of young teens texting naked pictures. She said classmates sometimes pass the texts around. "They would be like do you know this girl and there would be like pictures," said Diaz.

Parents of Flowing Wells Junior High students said it's a problem that they hope doesn't happen to their kids.

"I think that's very sad. I just worry about I know what's out there I've seen a lot," said parent Julie Pittman.

Doctor Dennis Embry, with the PAXIS institute, said the problem is on the rise.

"They actually get a hit of dopamine when they either cause an upset or get some feedback so that rewards impulsivity and we are seeing sexual maturity happening significantly earlier," said Embry.

Dr. Embry said the best way to prevent "sexting" is to limit text and web capabilities on teens' phones and keep their computers in a common area like a dining room or living room.


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