Oct 24, 2012 2:24 AM by Sean Mooney

Teen beaten in fight outside local bar speaks out

Tucson - Tucson Police have released the arrest report on a bar brawl on September 19th near 4th avenue.

The rumble involved several Pima County corrections officers.

TPD arrested seven jail staffers in connection to the September 19th attack on four men outside "The Buffet" bar at 538 E. 9th Street. .

Five face charges for beating the victims, the other two for helping cover their tracks. All of the corrections officers have since been fired.

Two of the victims are a father and son who live across the street from the bar. On that night, Skipper Masterson and his son Corey say the beating going on in the street was so brutal they couldn't just stand by.

Most of the fight was seen on a surveilence video and according to the police report it started after one of the other victims was punched while unlocking his bike.

It escalated in to a melee in the middle of the street. Corey Masterson,17, says that's when he and his father came out to try and stop the beating. "There were two guys getting kicked, and there was another guy getting kicked while they were beating that guy."

Masterson says they were yelling at the corrections officers to stop when suddenly one of the officers turned on them. "Next thing I know, one of the correction officer's assaults my dad, knocks him out unconscious", he said,"and then me and the CO are engaging in a fight. I'm backing up on the fence and going down the street. It was pretty crazy."

Corey Masterson says the attack on him was relentless, "He hit me with two hands, one hit my temple and one hit my jaw. I fell down and got back up, I ran to the fence. He hit me again, two more times. I want to say I threw a hand, I don't know what happened, after that he hit me one more time. After that I got away from the fence and I ran down the street a little bit."

Masterson then ran back to help his father who was still on the ground in front of their house. Although both were badly beaten he says he would do it again. "I hope one day someone sticks up for me."

Skipper Masterson says he wishes he could say more about the case but has been advised by his lawyer not to discuss it. He did tell News 4 Tucson that he could not be more proud of his son, not only for standing up to help someone else, but for also being there for him, even after he was attacked.


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