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Apr 17, 2012 7:54 PM

Tech Tips: Enhancing your mobile experience

TUCSON - Whether it is cellphones, tablets, or laptops; technology is mobile. Our tech contributor Quincey Hobbs is here to offer some accessories to enhance your mobile computing experience.

• Computers and gadgets have been mobile for a while now, why are mobile accessories essential today?

It is true that tech has been mobile for years. The difference is that accessories have evolved to point where some of the limitations of using mobile tech have been greatly diminished.

• What are some of the enhanced accessories?

One of the main issues with mobile tech is the battery life of the device. A company named Mophie has created a Juice PowerStation to recharge your gadgets while you are out and about. It fits in the palm of your hand and can completely recharge a cellphone about 4 times and a tablet about one and half times. This device extends the usefulness of your gadget when you are traveling or just do not have access to an outlet.

• What is the Goflex Satellite?

The Goflex Satellite is a mobile wireless storage device from Seagate. What this device does is allow you create a mini network with it and multiple devices like your iPad, cellphone, and laptop. Two unique advantages of this device are that you do not need an internet connection and you can store, retrieve, and stream files, music and videos from the Goflex without taking up space on your iPad, phone, or computer. The applications are numerous. Everything from a family vacation to an Ad Hoc office. Since this is another hand sized device with a range of 150 feet, there is no need to be tethered to it to use it.

• Are there any other accessories?

There are the Extreme Protection Sleeves from G-Form. What makes them unique is that they absorb 90% of a high-speed impact. This means if you drop your device from a significant height, something else falls on it, or something else rolls over it; your device will be ok. G-Form has protective covers for phones, tablets, and laptops.

• What are the prices for the items discussed today?

You can find them all in the $100-$150 range depending upon where you shop online.

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