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May 4, 2012 8:20 PM

Task force continues looking for Isabel Celis

TUCSON - The investigation into Isabel's disappearance is now into its 14th day. The task force that's been put together to find the little girl continues its efforts. Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor says, "We have gathered all the forensics who know we're going to gather, analyzing everything , we've been able to eliminate some people."
But they haven't pinpointed who's responsible. Villasenor adds,
"and that's goal of this investigation along with trying to find Isabel."

The FBI loaned them four analysts plus Tucson Police has assigned three, all of them working with detectives.
" We have seven analysts working full time to categorize and pull together all of these tips and the information provided by and following up on these tips and trying to put into a searchable data base that we're able to go back and review and look at."

Tucson Police report nearly 900 leads in this case, and they're all being investigated. It's time consuming but necessary.
Also, a question many are asking "Will they find Isabel alive." The chief says, " My hope is that we will find Isabel that she will be safe and that we will bring her back safely, whether she is or not I have to remain open to the option that she is not and I have to make sure we preserve the investigation in case we are doing a much more criminal investigation in case she is injured or not alive."

News 4 has learned, the cost of overtime as of right now is at $250,000. Chief Villasenor expects the cost to go up as high as a $1,000,000.


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