Oct 9, 2012 8:22 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Task force charged with dealing with pedestrian safety

TUCSON - An elderly man was hospitalized after being hit by a car near Congress and Granada, the latest in a string of accidents involving cars and pedestrians. A city task force is dedicated to addressing the critical problem.

The Pedestrian Safety Task Force was formed at the beginning of this year, but many folks walking the streets today say it's still just as dangerous.

"Man it's dangerous," said Mitchell Crawley as he was walking toward an Oracle intersection.

"Nobody gives no regard to nobody no matter what time it is," Crawley said.

For some folks, walking the streets of Tucson is a risk itself.

"There's not enough crossing areas so they take their chances with the traffic," Kalee Goltscher told News 4 Tucson while waiting at a bus stop.

You've probably seen the signs all over -- distracted drivers and daring pedestrians.

"They'll take the opportunity with the traffic going one way...cross..and then wait at the median and cross when the other lane is open," Goltscher observed.

It's that kind of behavior that sometimes leads to potentially deadly outcomes, as the task force takes on the challenge of coming up with solutions for this long road of problems.

When it comes to pedestrian safety the task force hopes to take a look at both the responsibility of pedestrians as well as the motorists on the road, addressing possibilities like transportation improvements, education and even the enforcement of traffic laws.

But until then, some Tucson residents plan on walking with caution, and hope motorists will drive that way too.

"Just becasue there's not a crosswalk doesn't mean there aren't people trying to cross the street," Goltscher said.


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