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Dec 7, 2011 11:59 PM

Taking caution when surfing Claus sites

TUCSON - Along with season greetings, come warnings about seasonal scams. The Better Business Bureau warns you to be cautious online, especially on Santa Claus websites, which may be out to dump coal on your Christmas.

These days, kids are going online to see Santa, send him their wish list and track Santa. They might be doing this when you're not watching.

Kim States of the BBB of Southern Arizona says, "Parents just need to be aware of what site their children are on, and do some checking."

States said be sure to see what information the Santa site is asking from you or your kids, does the site have a physical address and who owns it? Also, check out their privacy policy before they get any of your information or money.

The BBB said scammers, using Santa's good name, can con you and disappear as fast as the smile on Scrooge's face.

"It's so easy today to create a website, do some harm, and pull it down just as quickly," says States.


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